There is still time to register! We offer OPEN REGISTRATION. Meaning no complicated session dates and schedules. You can register anytime of the month and start at your earliest convenience. 


Be sure to check the schedule frequently for new classes or time changes. We will adjust the schedule according to our customers needs. 


Check out the schedule below or visit our Parent Portal. If you have questions on how to register online contact our office staff at: (210) 769-6359 


Tuition is paid monthly. Your tuition will be deducted on the 1st of every month. If you register mid-month your tuition for that month will be prorated accordingly. 


2021-2022   Fall/Spring Schedule

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pg.2 On-Going 2021_2022 Master Schedules.png
pg.3 On-Going 2021_2022 Master Schedules.png