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At Endurance Elite our core philosophy is to provide an encouraging, clean and safe learning environment for all of the students and participants. The center will focus on supporting each athlete in their own personal ambitions and goals for future success in both sport and life. Staff is also a huge part of our success and we will focus on creating a highly educated, motivated and supportive group of coaches.


 Mission Statement Endurance Elite is committed to exceeding our participant’s expectations by providing the highest level of instruction and development through strong leadership, exceptional coaching and effective communication focused on the individual result.  With a foundation of respect and trust, Endurance Elite will continue to strive for excellence in developing each athlete’s self-esteem, respect and teamwork, which they can carry with them throughout their lives.  



"Step into Endurance Elite, where we boast a sprawling 10,000 sq. ft. facility dedicated to gymnastics, featuring not only one but two Dance studios alongside our Mini Gym.


Communication is paramount at Endurance Elite. We believe parents should witness every step of their child's journey, which is why we've eschewed stuffy lobbies and obstructive windows in favor of an open layout. From our upstairs mezzanine, parents have a clear view of the action below, ensuring you never miss a moment.


Our Mini Gym provides a safe haven for babies and toddlers to explore, play, and grow. Equipped with an upstairs TV displaying both dance studios and the Mini Gym, parents can easily keep an eye on their little ones. With Marley floors, wall-mounted bars, and expansive mirrors, our studios provide the perfect backdrop for growth and development.


But wait, there's more! Endurance Elite goes beyond gymnastics, offering a thrilling Ninja Warrior obstacle course and Aerial Silks for the whole family to enjoy.


The future at Endurance Elite shines brightly, and we invite you to join us on this journey of growth and success. Our doors are open, and our home is yours. Let's grow together!"

  • Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

  • Tumble Track Trampoline

  • Aerial Silks

  • Bounce House

  • Preschool Rock Climbing Wall

  • Landing blocks and crash mats

  • Girl's and Boy's Gymnastics Equipment

  • Spring Floors for gymnastics and cheer

  • Amazing Sound Systems in Gym & Studios

  • Climbing Rope

  • 2 State of the Art Dance Studios

  • Mini Gym

  • Foam Pit

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