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If you're just starting out, continuing your education, want to dance for fitness or looking to join a competitive program, Endurance Elite Dance offers several genres and classes for everyone of all ages. Every class is structured for students to learn, have fun and work as a team. Most classes participate in the Holiday Showcase as well as the Summer Recital.


Please read through all of the class descriptions to decide which class best fits your needs. We make it easy to sign up for classes online from your computer or phone, 24 hours a day, using our Parent Portal. Fill in your information, choose your class and insert payment information. We are looking forward to seeing you in the studio!


 WHY Endurance Elite Dance Classes are different than other dance schools:  

At Endurance Elite we believe that movement is growth and the joy of learning should be shared with each and every one of our students. Our classes are structured so that all students are engaged in the lesson, meaning there is little to zero time for sitting, waiting in lines or standing around. Our energetic and active dance instructors make it their number one priority to maintain their class' full attention and participation. 


Class Structure Each class participates in an active warm-up and stretch, followed by barre work, dance across the floor, center work and finally a cool down. Preschool classes will also use props such as bean bags, cones, hula hoops, beanie babies, scarves and more. The music played in every class is related to the students age, genre of dance and the exercises or dances being performed. 

"When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain spot on the floor, but to enjoy every step along the way."

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