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Our primary objective at Endurance Elite is to provide a positive, safe and fun experience for all of our gymnasts. Our goal as coaches is to develop not only great gymnasts, but also well-rounded people! Coaches play a huge part in the gymnast’s life and it’s important that our bond of trust is built and nurtured. We will not only lead by example, but we will believe in and encourage our gymnasts, providing to them strength and support. Our vision for this program is to have coaches who not only say what they are going to do, but do what they say. 


Through a well-organized and disciplined program, we hope to give each gymnast the opportunity to meet his/her goals. We wish to provide high quality coaching, striving to be competitive at the state, regional, national and world levels. Long-term goals for our gymnasts include placing individually in meets, being successful as a team, earning college scholarships and competition as professional elite gymnasts. Through gymnastics the gymnasts will improve their self-esteem, learn goal setting and sportsmanship, stay physically fit and have an activity that is both challenging and rewarding.


*Please Note: Team enrollment is through invitation only.



It is with great pride and a long-time dream, that Endurance Elite can introduce a dual program to both the gymnastics and dance communities. We are starting to see that gymnastics is not complete without the ability of proper dance technique and dance is not successful without acro skills and training. At Endurance Elite, our goal is to create a “Super” Athlete, both successful in gymnastics and dance, therefore showing strength and equality in both sport and art form. We are creating a healthier, stronger, more aware athlete that can perform with confidence and grow through the sport with less injury and a better performance all around.

Athletes are selected to be on the Elite Dance Company through the Endurance Elite Gymnastics Team. Members of the Elite Dance Company MUST compete dance and gymnastics. No member will participate as a dancer only. The Elite Dance Company is an extension of the Endurance Elite Gymnastics Team.


*Please Note: Elite Dance Company participation is through invitation only.


Our Men & Women's Endurance Elite Gymnastics Team is a dedicated group of athletes committed to pushing the boundaries of physical and mental performance in the realm of gymnastics. Through rigorous training, precise technique, and unwavering determination, these athletes showcase incredible strength, flexibility, and grace in their performances.

Team Tryouts

Join us as we search for talented individuals to join our esteemed Endurance Elite Gymnastics Team for the upcoming season. Whether you're a seasoned gymnast or just beginning your journey in the sport, we welcome you to showcase your skills and passion for gymnastics.

Email Ashley at for more information 

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