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We offer Men & Women's Developmental Program through USA Gymnastics (Levels 3-10).


Does your gymnast plan to make it to the Olympics, get a college scholarship, or does she just enjoy the achievement of new skills and the companionship of other team members? 

At Endurance Elite Gymnastics & Dance, we will work with you and your gymnast to accommodate your goals.

It is with great pride and a long time dream, that Endurance Elite has the ability to introduce a dual program to both the gymnastics and dance communities. At Endurance Elite, our goal is to create a “Super” Athlete, both successful in gymnastics and dance, therefore showing strength and equality in both sport and art form. We are creating a healthier, stronger, more aware athlete that can perform with confidence and grow through the sport with less injury and a better performance all around.


How to become a part of the Team

Three ways to become a part of the EE Team:


1. Enroll in recreational classes and receive an invitation from your coach to enroll in a trial week of team.

2. Apply for a trial: if you are interested in switching gyms and/or teams we must receive the following before scheduling a trial:

* Detailed letter from Parent and/or Gymnast explaining reason for switching teams

* Copy of most recent financial statement stating a zero balance owed

* Letter of recommendation from previous coach

3. Attend Annual Team Tryouts. Information will be posted in April for the next season's team tryouts.

For more info

on Women's, Men's or Adult Team

Email Ashley at to set up a meeting!

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