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Mini Elite

Ages: 3 & 4

The Mini Elite program offers young gymnasts an exclusive opportunity, requiring invitation from a coach. Tailored for athletes demonstrating advanced flexibility, strength, comprehension, body awareness, exemplary behavior, and a drive to compete, Mini Elite classes are coached by experienced professionals scouting for future competitive team members.


The curriculum progresses through pre-elite stages including pre-team, compulsory routines, optionals, and potential pathways to elite levels in both professional and collegiate gymnastics. 


Structured around foundational gymnastic skills, Mini Elite classes focus on developing essential techniques that serve as building blocks for advanced maneuvers. Each session emphasizes rigorous conditioning and targeted flexibility drills to enhance overall performance.

Attire: Leotard (Girls), Shorts & T-Shirt (Boys). No socks or shoes. Hair in ponytail or bun. No jewelry.



Ages: 5 & 6

Kindernastics offers a one-hour gymnastics class designed for both boys and girls. Focused on fundamental gymnastics skills and safety protocols, this class integrates monthly thematic elements.

Participants in Kindernastics learn more than just physical skills; they cultivate independence and strive to perform each skill to the best of their ability. Regular corrections are embraced as opportunities for growth, enriching their gymnastics journey.

Attire: Leotard (Girls), Shorts & T-Shirt (Boys). No socks or shoes. Hair in ponytail or bun. No jewelry.


Girl's Recreational Gymnastics

Ages: 7 & up

Join our Girl's Recreational Gymnastics classes, where students follow the structured USA Gymnastics Developmental Program. These one-hour sessions are dedicated to comprehensive training across all gymnastic events, emphasizing strength, flexibility, and skill proficiency.

Designed for levels 1 through 4, each class introduces progressive drills tailored to enhance technique and confidence. Students will develop a solid foundation in gymnastics fundamentals, guided by experienced instructors who prioritize safety and individual progress.

Whether aspiring for competitive gymnastics or simply enjoying the sport, our recreational program fosters a supportive environment where every participant can flourish and achieve their personal best.

Attire: Leotard (Girls). No socks or shoes. Hair in ponytail or bun. No jewelry.


Boy's Recreational Gymnastics

Ages: 7 & up

Explore our Boy's Recreational Gymnastics classes, designed to provide comprehensive education in all USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic events and routines. From Floor and Pommel Horse to Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and High Bar, our curriculum follows the structured Junior Olympic Compulsory routines.

In addition to the primary events, students will also engage with trampoline and pit exercises, enhancing their understanding and performance across all six disciplines. Technical terminology is emphasized, and progressions are carefully implemented to ensure safe skill development.

Strength and flexibility are integral components across all levels of boy's gymnastics, crucial for executing skills safely and effectively. Most students typically spend 1-2 years at each level, progressing based on mastery of skills and consistent performance. Bi-monthly skill assessments are conducted, with "skill cards" provided to track individual progress. Advancement to the next level requires proficiency in all required skills.

Attire: Shorts & T-Shirt. No socks or shoes. Hair in ponytail or bun. No jewelry.

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