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Does your child like to Jump, Climb and Run? Ninja Warrior is the BEST class for them! 

Classes are based on students strengths and strive to improve weaknesses. The Ninja Warrior class is extremely active. Ninjas will learn balance, strength and agility through obstacle courses that are both challenging and fun for all ages!

Ninja Warrior classes are offered for ages 4-6, 7-9, 10+



Ninja Warrior :
Welcome to Endurance Elite Ninja Warrior! Soon we will be building out a brand-new top of the line Ninja Warrior course. Coming March 2022!

What to expect currently: 

Prior to having this build out we will be working on the basic skills to prepare your Ninja for future obstacles. We will be focusing on Safe Falling, Parkour, Balance, Swing Technique, Grip Strength, Core, and Plyometrics.


What to expect with Ninja Warrior course: 

With this new course we will continue to focus on our basic skills as well as integrating some more challenging obstacles and techniques. Our new course has the following obstacles: Rings, Trapeze bars, Monkey Bars, Devil Steps, Peg Graspers, Coin Flip, Salmon Ladder, Cliff Hanger, Adjustable Laches, Special Deliveries, and Warped Walls.

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