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Participants should be enrolled via the Endurance Elite Parent Portal or through the front desk staff. When registering for a camp and/or special event, all medical information should be input. All waivers and policies should be read and must be accepted before enrollment into a camp, Parent’s Night Out, Friday Night Flick, and Clinic. Any changes in policies will be sent via email to notify all parents of the changes and to sign in acceptance. Parent’s unwilling to accept policies will not be allowed to continue in the enrollment process. If using a camp credit or makeup tokens, contact the front desk via email or phone call to register. 



Camp and Special event tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE. You may receive a credit to use towards another camp day or special event if you notify the office at lease 24 hours in advance. Camp and Special event credit is good for 90 days.Drop off and pick up times are at your convenience. Tuition will not be adjusted based on your time at camp or a special event. 



Day Camps & Summer Camps are scheduled Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Friday Night Flick is scheduled one Friday a month from 7:00-10:00 pm. Parent’s Night Out is scheduled one Saturday a month from 6:00-10:00 pm. Clinic dates and time vary. Drop off and pick up times are at your convenience. Tuition will not be adjusted based on your time at camp or a special event time.


When dropping off you must sign in at the front desk and assist your child to put their belongings in a cubby. Staff will direct your camper to their activity. Parents are welcome to stay and watch or drop off. Parent participation is not allowed.


When picking up, you must first visit the front desk and sign your student out. The front desk staff will notify the coaches of the student’s departure and dismiss them to you. Parents are not allowed to enter the gym or studios to remove a student without first acknowledging a staff member. 



Students running a fever, showing signs of illness or positive for a contagious illness will be sent home immediately. Keeping all participants healthy is important to us and a sick child should never be sent to camp or a special event. If a child complains of feeling badly, parents will be called to pick them up. Tuition is non-refundable and WILL NOT be credited for the partial day of attendance. The remaining camp days, if previously registered for, may be credited if the student misses due to illness. 


Campers and Special event attendees must be FULLY potty trained. No pull-ups will be changed by staff. Accidents happen; however, multiple cases will result in dismissal of the student. 


Students unable to follow the rules of the gym will be issued a warning, a time-out, and ultimately dismissal from the camp or special event. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and/or physical harm. Students engaging in physical violence or bullying will be sent home immediately without a refund.



Campers may bring medication with them to be dispensed by the camp staff. Please place all medication in zip lock bags and clearly label them with the child’s name, dose, and time of which it must be dispensed. EpiPens may be brought as well. All medication should be given to the front desk camp staff at the time of drop off and signing in. Please remember to take home any medication at the end of each day or week.



Per our policy, all broken bones, head and/or neck injuries require emergency medical attention. Endurance Elite staff is required to call emergency assistance by dialing 911. Parents/Guardians will be notified immediately by phone call of the injury and emergency plan. 


Non-life-threatening injuries will be treated with first aid, parents will be notified at pick up or by phone call. 



Parents will be notified via text, phone call, email or in person at pick up of any situations or concerns handled by the camp staff. 



Disciplinary actions are handled by the following procedure:

1. Verbal Warning. The staff will explain the problem and the next two consequences.

2. Sit out for 1 Min. for each year of the child’s age. The child will not be allowed to participate.

3. Phone call to parents and sent home. If the behavior continues and rules cannot be followed, parents will be notified and asked to pick up their camper. Bullying and/or physical violence is not tolerated. The student will be sent home immediately. 



If asked to pick up a camper due to behavior issues or lack of potty training three times, the camper will be suspended from camp without a refund or credit. Reentry into future camps will be evaluated later and at the owner’s discretion.  



Lunch must be brought with the camper during Day & Summer Camps. Endurance Elite will not serve lunch. 


Two snacks will be issued to the campers by Endurance Elite. Snacks are served in individual cups or on plates. Campers receive two snacks and one juice per day. Snacks are only modified for campers with food allergies. It is highly encouraged for campers with food allergies to provide their own snacks. Campers may bring their own snacks as well. 


Water breaks are given throughout the day and campers may ask to get water at any point throughout the day. Campers are encouraged to bring their own water bottle; however, water fountains will be always available.



Summer camps will provide water activities and games outside every Wednesday at 10:00 am. Campers must bring a change of clothes and wear shoes designated to get wet. Campers must provide their own towels and sunscreen. Application of sunscreen will be assisted by the camp staff. For those not willing to participate in water play, a separate activity will be provided. Water play will not be provided on days reaching temperatures of 95 degrees or higher.



To discuss and/or review camp procedures, policies or to address concerns or ask questions, please visit the front desk to speak with a manager or email us at



Parent participation during gym activities is not allowed, however, parents may stay to observe their children from the lobby area or partake in lunch and/or snack time with their child. 

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